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Warranty and defect

If a product qualifies for warranty or a product does not work properly, you can take the following actions to use the product again as soon as possible.


Legal guarantee applies. Legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumer can expect in all reasonableness. The term varies per product.

We would like to examine with you what is reasonably expected from a product you have purchased from us.



Warranty procedure:

  1. Mail your complaint to [email protected]
  2. Send your item in a discreet package *, accompanied by a proof of purchase, a guarantee certificate (watches) and the repaired form below to Sieraadbestellen.nl
  3. After receiving your shipment we will send you a receipt mail.
  4. Your guarantee will be processed. (take into account a period of three weeks)
  5. We will send your warranty article free of charge.

* a discreet package should be a bubble envelope for small jewelery or a suitable watch box for a watch shipment.


Your warranty will expire if:


  1. You have tried to repair the article yourself.
  2. You can not show proof of purchase.
  3. the article has not been reasonably handled, such as eg extreme traces of wear



Download here the Repair form and send it back completely filled in.


You can send your guarantee package to:



Kerkstraat 58

1141 BJ Monnickendam